Social Science Pathway GCSE

Sociology is the study of human society; it draws on a variety of viewpoints in order to understand the social world around us. You will learn about how society shapes people’s ideas and behaviour and you will relate this to your own experiences of living in British society. You will also study how societies change over time and how society differs across cultures.

Psychology has been defined as the science of the mind and behaviour. Essentially, psychology is all about people. We are all amateur psychologists, every time we try and work out why someone acted the why they did or try to predict how someone might behave or react. Psychology tries to answer these questions by investigating them in a more scientific manner.

Media has become an integral part of our lives in today’s society. Studying GCSE Media will unlock your understanding of how the media influences society and creates a framework of ‘normality’ in which we all exist. It will give you the practical skills to no longer be simply a consumer of media, but a producer.

The Course explores:

      • The media industries and their relationship to the media we consume as an audience.
      • Textual analysis of media products as well as production skills.

Institutions, representation and audience.

All assessment of this course is through written examination. Your teachers will provide on-going feedback and support throughout the duration of the course.

Course Length:

  • 1 Years

You will study:

  • A key aspect of the course is to prepare for A Levels, which will then take you onto university and the workplace.
  • You will have the opportunity to attend visits to Psychology conferences, The Royal Courts of Justice, Marx's graveyard in Highgate cemetery and attend research field trips.
  • Media is ever changing due to rapid developments in technology and the constant shift in audience demand. As a media student you will be immersed in all that is media. In addition to this, the college also offers a range of events and activities to complement your study. The department has excellent industry links and also hosts events involving key note speakers from the world of media, and arranges trips to media related conferences, the cinema, the British Film Institute and others in order to give you an enriched media experience

Where it leads:

  • If successful on the Social Science pathway, you can progress to a Level 3 programme. You may want to continue with AS Social Sciences to look at exciting social problems and issues. It can also lead to exciting careers in education and social work. During the duration of the course you will receive advice and assistance on accessing your chosen career.

Entry Requirements:

  • You must have four GCSE A*-C, including C in English & D in Maths
GCSE Sociology

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