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Locally, we have seen that last game of football at the White Hart Lane Stadium, and like us, they are building toward a very positive future, taking the next step on their journey to excellence.

The ethos here at the college is like a sports team – one that aspires to greatness so all can achieve at the highest level. The metaphor of a sport team can be further used to illustrate our drive for success in academic and vocational education. Ultimately, we all will be judged by our performance outcomes. However, the college’s "team effort" in preparing students should not be underestimated: the teaching staff, professional services staff, the tutors, examinations team…the list is endless. Each of us has a part to play in our college and students’ success.

Remember, all of us have to work extremely hard and that success has to be earned. I do believe in the phrase: work extremely hard and play hard.

With this in mind, we will soon be holding our new applicant days. Full details are on the website and all applicants will be contacted this month.

These will be exciting, engaging days. Our new students will make new friends and meet their college tutors. They will be given important information – both cross college information and from subject lecturers. They will then be “college ready” for the start of term. We do work extremely hard on ensuring we not only provide the best student experience but that students are prepared and supported fully. Then, they can hit the ground running at the start of the new academic year.

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