One month gone already! Time flies when you’re having fun.

We really are having a blast at Haringey Sixth in 2017. In fact, we think we are perhaps the #bestkeptsecret in London!

But that secret is getting out as our numbers are increasing and the word spreads. That’s not just down to the quality of our results (which are superb by the way) but also about what we achieve in partnership with our students and the whole college experience.

It’s different here from school and different from many other colleges: Staff smile and have great professional relationships with their students, and they work hard on their behalf.

By staff, I don’t mean just the academic staff; I am also talking about our professional services team. Just ask the students about how much they feel supported at Haringey Sixth.

Perhaps you don’t believe me?

Well, I challenge you to come and find out why 96% of our students in a recent survey say they are satisfied with their course at the college.

This place is a hive of activity – we are now going full throttle, recruiting for next year. All current students that want to stay and progress with us have applied to do so. Our first application window has just closed and we interviewed over 100 students at the time of writing this, last night.

All the information on how to apply is on the website and we have another Open Evening on 22 February – details also on the website. If you are a basketball player, trial dates are also on the website.

I told you we were busy!

So What Happens at Interview?

Once you apply, things happen fast: Interviews take place immediately after the application window closes. Next, we make sure that your interview experience is smooth – that you know what will be expected of you and where to go. We also offer refreshments, a room for anyone accompanying you (such as parents or friends) and staff and students are around if you need to ask any additional questions.

However, we know that despite our best attempts, applicants invariably feel nervous at interview and this can be stressful.

We are aware of this and our staff are here to help you to relax. We want the interviews to provide you with an opportunity to show yourself at your best. It is no good to us, or to you, if you feel so nervous, intimidated or confused that you cannot reveal your true capabilities.

Do remember that the interview is only one part of our assessment process and that we take into account your previous or predicted academic performance.

We want you!

My very best wishes,



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